Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GHOUL POWER 2016! An Explosive Tribute to the King of Horror Hosts!

The Press Release!
"Ghoul Power 2016! Celebrating 45 Years of TV Horror Host The Ghoul"!
Scratch Glass! Climb Walls! Stay Sick! Turn Blue!
'A Separate Reality' gathers the greatest artists and entertainers in the land to pay tribute to the most explosive, wise cracking, Cheez Whiz smearing, Froggy bashing, movie mocking entertainer of all time, The Ghoul!
He burst out on late-night tv in 1971 on Cleveland's WKBF-TV 61 with the force of a handful of M-80s and cherry bombs thrown in your face!
Beloved by every bleary eyed kid staying up past midnight throughout Ohio, Michigan and more throughout the '70s to the 2000's who couldn't get enough of his manic frantic high energy hilarious segments interrupting (and greatly improving) low budget bad monster movies!
 In syndication, The Ghoul Show was so popular that it regularly beat Johnny Carson!
Stop on by opening night Saturday, March 5th at 6pm 'til the wee hours for what is sure to be the biggest most explosive event in Cleveland history!
A Separate Reality Records & Gallery
2678 West 14th St
Cleveland, Ohio (Tremont)
A gallery full of artistic interpretations of our late-night leader!
LIVE! The Ghoul Girls! A sexy, sensuous and silly burlesque salute to The Ghoul!
IN PERSON! "Mini-Me Ghoul"! A 3' tall living breathing talking miniature Ghoul!
The largest collection of classic Ghoul memorabilia on display!
NEW Ghoul merchandise for sale!
DJing all the classic Ghoul hits all night long!
JUST ADDED! The Ghoul will set a world BOOM-BOOM record exploding his largest item EVER! He'll light the fuse to a 7' tall Ghoul statue filled with 20lbs of fireworks!
What happens next is anyone's guess!

And now, here's what happened next!
This was a follow up to a Ghoul inspired show that took place in 2012.
For those memories-




It's official!
The city of Cleveland knows
The Ghoul is the greatest thing ever!
We're off to Cleveland!

When unloading the Ghoul art, Aiden took one look at my piece,
grabbed a paintbrush, and spent the next 10 minutes trying to fix it.
Sadly, since it was a dry paintbrush, his efforts were futile.
Mini-Ghoul in da house!

You can judge a party by the quality of the guests!

Wine and cheese?
Are you nuts?!
At this party, 100lbs of pierogi!
Dig in!
The Mini-Star becomes tempremantal.
Call me an old fuddy duddy,
but I'm a sucker for a lovely Mother/Son photo!
Mystery revealed!
The "Mini-Me Ghoul" was, in reality, my 20 month offspring.
Aiden, you can thank me later for your childhood!
We were thrilled to have two of The Ghoul's art directors there in person at Ghoul Power 2016! When you're an AD for The Ghoul Show, that means you're an artist that can do EVERYTHING! Cartoons, illustrations, writing, posters, logos, models, props seem to be only the START of their talents.
So a tip of the fright wig to Milan Kecman and 
David Ivey (5 pics below)
for making the trip and thrilling their fans!

Aiden congrat the house DJ on a job well done!

The Ghoul Girls plus a Guy!

This was the plan.
The Ghoul pinata head and base were filled with "flying stars" that would shoot up colorfully in the air. He was also outlined in 5,000 stapled on firecrackers that would illuminate his silhouette in noisy yellow fiery blasts. At the bottom were 10,000 MORE firecrackers that would end up blowing the Ghoul pinata to bits.
There were two fuses for the head and base that I thought would have about 20 seconds of burn time before igniting. The real flesh and blo
od Ghoul lit the top one while I held the second fuse so he could easily find it. Instead of 20 seconds, in 2 seconds it started going off in our faces as we ran for cover (Feets don't fail us now!). The off balance weight of all the fireworks made it topple forward and flop on the pavement. For the next 45 seconds the paper mache tribute jumped around shooting off explosion after explosion. For extra excitement, instead of the shooting stars going 20 feet in the air, they now went 20 feet in the crowd. Excited yelps of "OUCH!" were heard all around!
The amazingly talented 
Omar Dominguez, who I hired to made the pinata (I just added the Ghoul logos, buttons and boom-booms) told me it would probably catch on fire so I better have a fire extinguisher. Luckily, because the fire extinguisher I had turned out to be empty, that didn't happen. Seems the skills of Omar were stronger than the explosions as The Ghoul survived 90% intact. I just ended up pouring a gallon of water over the smoldering statue.
Oddly, while I left it outside to dry, it seems to have walked off. So to whoever's home it strolled to, please return him so he can be put back on display!

The pinata that would not die!

And with that, Goodnight Everybody!

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