Thursday, July 16, 2015

Demolition Derby! Man's Greatest Sport!

Demolition derby!
Thrills! Chills! Spills!
Truly the greatest sport ever invented! It takes place at the State Fair grandstand, truly the greatest location! You can load up with curly fries, hot dogs, cotton candy and beer, truly the greatest food! You get to watch metal being smashed, sparks fly and flames spurt, and it's not your car, truly the greatest thrill! 
These all American individuals, doing it completely for the love of the game, deck out their well loved vehicles, held together by last second welding, just dried paint, hastily applied wire and a dab of spit, rev up, push down on the gas,  and put on a joyfully loud, bright and brash gladiator show for a cheering crowd.
The kids have spent every summer in tow catching the festivities after playing all the carnival games of chance and going on all the vomit inducing rides. As the sun gets low on the horizon, we pick the best seats, pass the fries back and forth and wait for the fun to begin.
I've gone to baseball, football, soccer games and Nascar, where athletes are making millions and you might have to pay $1000s for prime seats.
They don't compare to the enjoyment you get from America's real pastime, Demolition Derby!

Now if I could take this one step further...
I have a dream!
A fantasy of mine (among many) is putting together an Art Car/Demolition Derby happening (see below for Art Car examples). I envision recruiting a bunch of derby drivers and their cars who arrive first thing in the morning at the fairgrounds. An artist (or artists) have each been assigned one car. They've been free to prefabricate anything they felt like beforehand, or just get to work from scratch. The groups spend the whole day pimping their vehicle up in the coolest ways. That evening they're smashed 'n crashed to bits!
It seems so perfect in every way.
If someone out there wants to help me carry my vision to fruition, let me know. I envision a beautiful coffee table book to commemorate the event. With my name above the title.
And you would get an acknowledgment somewhere in there.
Probably way in the back. :-)

And- as my gift to you,
Get your very own FREE 11 by 17" M.O'C Demolition Derby poster

for the Heart of Illinois Fair!

Just click on the link, download the file, and print yerself up one!
If you're putting on your own show, here's the link to download the file to another 11 by 17" poster, this time with the black space to add your specific time/date/location!

Six of a million varations of what an "art car" can be!

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