Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Very Special Evening …with Heart!

I spent an amount of money too embarrassing to divulge for the VIP treatment at the recent Grand Victoria Casino Heart concert.
The Mrs. loves Heart, so I fall under the category of "Very Wonderful Husband."
First let me point out that everyone at the show was VERY nice, and I'm fully aware that I am the only one responsible for putting myself in the club of sad people who have to pay to have their picture taken with a celebrity.
For humor's sake, I would quote extensively from the small print of the release form I had to sign about the many things we were sternly warned not to do, but among those things I signed off on, was the threat of legal action if I repeated anything about the specifics of the waiver.
So forget I ever said anything about it.
As part of the VIP package we were first given the thrill of shopping at the Heart merchandise tent, them it was off to the Heart VIP party tent. I was happy with the provided 2 drink tickets each, and did enjoy the tasty snack selection. In case you wondered, hippie tapestry, LED candles, inspirational poetry by the honey mustard packets and the chance to write your innermost thoughts in the "Notes to Ann and Nancy" journal is what a Heart VIP Party Tent is.
Many there were genuinely thrilled by all this, and I was genuinely happy that they were happy.
Then it was time to get in line for our very own photo with Ann and Nancy. Even though I paid full price for two photo opps, we couldn't do one of just Alyson (since this was all for her) and then one together. We only had the option of one each, or one together, so I went for two.
As we all put out our arms to be sprayed down with disinfectant (really) it was explained that we would get our promised pre-signed posters right after the photo was snapped (no, you can't have them inscribed), then we were to exit the area immediately.
The quite lovely Wilson sisters left a space in-between their two chairs for the fans to squat down and say cheese as the one photo would be taken (don't blink!).
I'd write "Would it kill you to stick another chair at the table for the VIP's?" but nary a Heart Suggestion Box could be found.
No chance for eye contact or small talk (at least in my case) was part of the VIP experience. I did blurt out "Act excited!" to the ladies as I hunkered down, but that didn't get them to utter a word or turn even a quarter inch in my direction (which I can't fault them for).
When my 4 seconds of fame by association ended, I was quickly lead outside the fenced in area with only fond memories of my brief tenure being a VIP.
In summation, I'm sure they have many well thought out reasons for all these rules, and I'm also assuming that Ann and Nancy are wonderfully nice people. It's also just great that a VIP package is an option for their most ardent fans. It's also fine with me that Heart was able to clear an extra $10,000 before the show (just a wild guess).
I'm just passing along a slice-of-life experience!
Oh, and the payoff?
Alyson does a sizzlingly nasty bump-and-grind during Barracuda.
The best things in life are free!

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