Thursday, April 30, 2015

Peeping! A Proud Male Tradition!

Spying has always been fascinating to boys.
From holes in fences to watch baseball,
stories of The Hardy Boys pressing their eyes up to keyholes
to James Bond using his 007 skills to save the world.
Joining that illustrious group, I made the cardboard pericope
from my 1967 Childcraft book and happily
spent the day hidden behind the
living room couch scoping out whatever my family was up to.
It turns out they weren't involved in any criminal activity.
That inclination could become a little awkward as those youngsters became shy gentlemen who didn't purchase the helpful
"How to Pick Up Women" book.
For those bashful men lacking in social skills the ads in the comics and magazines of the 50s/60s and 70s gave "up pericope" a new meaning
(fyi- I'm available to spice up your speeches with similar comedy zingers).
It was a dream opportunity to secretly see the only thing on their minds,
the fairer sex, buck naked.
So ladies, before slowly changing into your Fredrick's of Hollywood lingerie, look for holes in the walls, 2-way mirrors and eager faces pressed against the window, because, as you know, men are out of their minds.

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