Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nation Shocked at 2-Way Mirror in Woman's Restroom!

Only the most notorious women's restrooms in Berwyn
display M.O'C tattoo flash!

Full disclosure- 

I love the Cigar and Stripes Bar in Berwyn!
It's rumored to be haunted, the decor is eccentric

and sideshow/house of horrors crazy fun,
every night has some sort of entertainment, music/movies/dj/etc,
the food and drinks are delicious and Ronnie Lottz, the owner,
has always been top notch to me.
Even more importantly, there are at least
6 sheets of my tattoo flash hanging
in the now famous woman's bathroom

Why is it famous?

Because over 3 million folks have viewed the
YouTube video of comedian Tamale Rocks
(who I've enjoyed many times hosting Chicagoland burlesque shows)
"discovering" a two way mirror on an unlocked door between the woman's
bathroom and a storage closet.
My first reaction was the same as any right minded American,
"Lock that pervert owner up NOW!
I've brought dates there!! I'll kill that SOB myself!!!"
But I was hoping that Ronnie could come up with an explanation,
though I had no idea on God's Green Earth what it could be.
 But he has.

It was made for laffs.

There's often a dummy monster behind the 2 way mirror,

and when the unsuspecting full bladdered patron switched on
one of the lights in the bathroom,
it would instead light up in the closet making the monster 'appear'
through the jagged cut out opening in the door behind the mirror,
scaring the crap (thank you) out of whoever was in the bathroom.
In fact, he says, it was no secret to all the regular patrons,
who would wait at the bar for the screams.

 I looked for a few old posted examples to add weight to the story,

which is difficult, because at the moment 99.9% of the
internet articles are about the newest "shock",
but I'm told the funhouse mirror has been common knowledge on Yelp for years and
this blogger from 2013 hints at the surprise by saying

that they're not going to give
away what happens when you flick the light switch-

Also, superstar artist Kymm Bang

(who also has art on display right above that notorious mirror)
posted a pic of how the halloween creature looked
when illuminated (below).

Of course, common sense (in fact, any sense) says you
really, Really, REALLY shouldn't have a 2-way mirror in the women's restroom,
but he police checked it all out and no charges are being pressed.

Maybe because you can only get to the closet by entering the bathroom first,
and the closet door can't be locked from the inside,
making it unlikely that you could hide in there undetected.
And, I'm guessing, Ronnies story rang true to them.

So, let's all relax and calm down.
And a good way to relax is taking a trip to 6715 Ogden Ave in Berwyn,
and place your rear end on the biggest tourist attraction in Illiniois, the woman's toilet!
Now there's no second guessing that a Cigar and Stripes employee might be pantless behind the 2-Way mirror, because as soon as the door closes behind you the room lights up and the monster always appears!

But more importantly while you're there,
have some chicken wings and a beer (or 3)!



  1. These little Internet follies can sometimes make it look like "The Nation is Shocked!" But it's actually a pretty small nation. On the it's face, that video seemed just salacious enough to draw some attention from Jezebel, from where it was aggregated from blog to blog accounting for far more YouTube hits than it ever would have seen otherwise, Certainly far more than even a cursory bit of actual research would have provided for, but it's click bait that drives Internet advertising not research.

    By now the comment warriors have moved on to whatever else is being set down on their plates of wrath, and life quickly returns to normal.

    Personally, I do feel a bit sad for the comic that launched this episode. Whatever her talents were or might ever have become, they've been eclipsed by that single piece of video. Google her name and it's page after page of fading links to the same clip. Roughly a decade of work in comedy and nothing to show for it save for a few samples of self promotional material on her own YouTube page for those few that will ever actually make the effort to seek them out.

    Sad, sure but I'll get over it, even faster with a cold beer and a basket of Ronnie's wings

  2. Sorry, no excuse for a 2 way mirror. The owner of this establishment only made it worse with his incoherent rantings. You're right though, it's over now, even though thousands of women find it deplorable!