Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kirsten Easthope, The Queen of Klassy Kitsch Kreations!

Artist Kirsten Easthope, also known as QueenPin Deluxe, is the most beloved, creative, and talented pin-up artist around.
She's earned those extra accolades, because not only does she paint the sexiest females around, she takes it a few steps further, making the art even more striking by beautifully wrapping it on bowling pins (I made a pun)! As an extra bonus, she might get extra crafty (in the best way possible) by adding spangles, jewels, hangings, glitter and all bits of bonus decorations to make the pieces even more special.
She also has something else going for her that other artists don't ...her art is affordable! Forget paying millions for an overhyped Jeff Koons, or thousands for a Mitch O'Connell!  With Kirsten, you'll get art that's better at much less the "jacked up/full of themselves/nose up in the air" prices!
I've been in multiple gallery shows with Ms. Easthope, and the only annoying thing about her is that she raises the quality bar way too high for us other painters. Oh, make that TWO annoying things. By shows end she has that little red "sold" sticker by her art while I have to take my pieces back home.
Other than that, we get along.
But the main question you might be asking yourself is, "Why is a M.O'C taking the time to praise someone other than myself on his internationally popular blog"?
The answer is simple, add "generous" to her list of attributes!
The Mrs. and I we stunned to recently receive a box full of wonderful wedding and baby gifts from Kirsten and husband sexy Brad Gardner (First off, above, a new addition to our Jayne Mansfield themed bedroom)!
And I just wanted to rub my good fortune in everyones face!

To see more of what I'm talking about, visit...

Gifts for the clown themed babies room!
Aiden (and myself) are so excited that we now BOTH have full diapers!
One of THREE- our little Skittles immortalized as only 
Kirsten Easthope can!

Another of the trifecta of artistic wonderfulness, a portrait of the other O'Connell feline, Boo!

And for the Pièce de résistance, the icing on the cake and the cherry on top, little Aiden Shane Bullitt O'Connell as what is sure to be his chosen career, an ambassador of joy and love - Poopy the Clown! 

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