Monday, September 8, 2014

Kieran O'Connell Takes Over the Family Business!

Our North Park community is having a mural design competition to fill a 7 by 24' space. Today is the deadline for submissions, and young artist Kieran O'Connell has just made it under the wire with her piece entitled, "How I See."Kieran has been drawing since she could hold a crayon. I blame myself, since she saw me doodling away all the time, she must have thought that's what normal people do.To help her out on her quest to help beautify our hood, if you have any idea where all the North Park Art Center committee members live, please start picketing in front of their homes with "Vote for Kieran!" signs.
The winner gets a $1000 plus $500 to cover materials, but I guess the main perk is having your art on display. I've already insisted on free pizza if I'm stuck spending a long weekend helping to paint this 24 foot thing.
"Would anyone else like some pizza? Here's a paintbrush!"

She wanted to stay away from the "children of all races holding hands" type of vibe and went for a fun psychedelic Peter Max/Yellow Submarine vision of North Park. 
The winner will be announced on the 19th.
I mean Ms. O'Connell will be announced as the winner on the 19th.

Some of her career highlights-
THE Tura Satana with one of Kieran's portraits of her from the 2009
Tattoo Factory Gallery "TURA! TURA! TURA!" show!
Kieran making a sale of one of her Bettie Page illustrations at a gallery show
that the 3 of us (including Leo and me) did way back in  2008!

From Kieran's 2012 show at Cleveland's Kollective Gallery!

More from the Tura show!

With her piece at the 2010 "Art To Poop On" Show!

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