Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's Topless Thursday! The day when Manliness is set free!

The Newest Holiday IS HERE!
I've often pondered (because I'm very inquisitive), that we have five weekdays, yet only four weekday slogans.
"I Hate Mondays," "Two For Tuesdays," "Humpday' and "TGIF" are all well known nicknames, but what about the overlooked Thursdays?
That's where I stepped in. As a man of action, when I see a problem, I solve it!
And thus, Topless Thursday was born!
What is Topless Thursday? It's a day for the ladies, when womenfolk can take a break from the realities of the day, and blissfully daydream of running their fingers over a chiseled hairy chest. Plus, it makes me appear slightly less sexist by  balancing out my endless postings of scantily clad females with a dash of beefcake.
As I offer my gift of a new day of celebration to the world, here are a few helpful guidelines of what makes the best Topless Thursday spokesmodel.

A) Shirtless (and this doesn't mean swimming trunks).
B) Think Tom Sellek, Burt Reynolds and Chuck Norris as the reining Kings and go from there. I prefer the 70s and 80s for finding half forgotten celebrities.
C) Extra points are given for shocks. Stumbling across a "free to be you and me" Robin Williams, Ed Asner or Carrot Top photo is just as good as 37 cups of morning coffee. Or getting hit in the eyes with a claw hammer.

Feel free to use any of these, or go ahead and make your own!
God Bless America, and God Bless Topless Thursdays!

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