Friday, January 31, 2014

Celebrity Tattoos!

Sometimes Superstars give me a ring to see if I'm available.
They always get the same response.
First, Amy Payne, burlesque entertainer and owner of Clevelands greating shop of oddities,  A Seperate Reality (2678 West 14th Street), asked me to imortalize her with a tattoo inspired by Laugh-In and Big-Eyed dancers.

AND- the amazing pin-up star Laura Talbert-Roderick had me capture her likeness
for  t-shirt lovers everywhere.
Keep checking her Facebook page to see when they become available!

1 comment:

  1. Hi this is the geatest idea i have seen for a model model tattoo,Ilove skin art and have many myself but this is such a cool idea unfortunatly i dont travel much but i do have one from every place i have been ,keep up the good work and stay safe hope to se it completly covered in eventually.