Sunday, September 15, 2013

Balloon Animals will lift you right to Heaven!

My new favorite author is Ralph Dewey, who has AT LEAST a dozen books about balloon making ...all delivered with a gospel message.
I can't even guess how that "Here is your poodle!" is going to figure into the Bible, but the truth be told, I don't know because I'm just assumming he's my favorite. I have yet to purchase anything yet.
For those too tired to 
do all that reading, get the one hour dvd and convert all your friends heavenward (lots of balloons) before they end up in hell (no balloons)!
Tell him I sent you, 'cause I'm guessing the Amazon seller "thisistheclown" is Mr. Dewey himself, because he also has another dozen books about performing as a clown …with a gospel message, natch!

fyi- Warning! These ways of playing with balloons will lead you right in the other direction!

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