Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let's PARTY!

Marriage goes hand in hand with ...Love? Commitment? Yes, all true. But, most importantly, it goes hand in hand with a Bachelor Party!
Being that my Best Man is 17 (and broke) I think he'd be hard pressed to pull together anything. My other pals might come up with something that involves me drunk, tied up and molested by 10 strippers in schoolgirl outfits, or ending with regaining consciousness in Tijuana with a full beard and no memory of the preceding 6 months.
Been there, done that!
Now that I'm more mat
ure, I like to contain my activities to things I look back on without guilt or the fear of police involvement. With that in mind, I thought I'd take the activities in my own hands. My plan involves the greatest entertainers in Chicago. Nay, the greatest entertainers in the tri-state area! Nay, the greatest entertainers in the Midwes- well, that might be taking it too far, but they're pretty damn good!
I kid- they ARE the greatest in the World!
I say we get-together at the one and only place featuring musicians, magicians, comedians, jugglers and lovely ladies showing off what God gave them. It's called Burlesque son, and it's done best at Kiss Kiss Cabaret!
The date? Friday, August 2nd. Show starts at 11pm!
To quote the Kiss Kiss website-
"The Kiss Kiss Cabaret is Chicago's finest weekly comedy & burlesque cabaret! Every Friday night is a new explosion of entertainment at the Greenhouse Theater Center. Featuring one of our charming hosts, hilarious comedians, talented musicians, the unforgettable Kiss Kiss Coquettes as well as special guests and fun surprises, every show is different!"
Performances are every Friday, 11pm hosted at the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N Lincoln Ave (2 blocks south of Fullerton Ave), Chicago, IL 60614
$15 advance tickets are available at 773.404.7336 or
This is a regular Kiss Kiss show (which always means spectacular entertainment), and nothing to do with me (for all I know there'll be 10 other groups making this part of their bachelor/bachelorette parties too). It's open to everyone that would like to attend (not just my friends) and being that it's good naturedly bawdy, clever, classy and hilarious, it's appropriate to take your whole family to (18+ that is). If only 2 folks take me up on my suggestion, fine. If 100 go ahead and purchase tickets, that's even better! The only thing I'm guaranteeing is that whoever makes it out to the Greenhouse Theatre is going to be entertained!
So just buy your tickets today (no, this is not "my treat," you cheap bastards) and I'll see you August 2nd!

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