Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Megan Besmirched, Big-Eyed Art Master!

I commissioned art superstar (and pal) Megan Besmirched to do a surprise portrait of my fiance. Needless to say (I'm going to say it anyhow) Alyson LOVED it!
If you would like to brighten up your home, or brighten the day of a loved one (or just brighten up yourself), check out her many websites (I cut and pasted from Facebook) for stunning original art, prints, jewelery and free witty postings!


• http://www.besmirched.com
• http://www.twitter.com/besmirched
• http://www.SaltyDame.com
• http://www.BigEyedArt.com
• http://besmirched.tripod.com/besmircheds...

• besmirched@facebook.com
• besmirched@yahoo.com

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