Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Weirdest Page EVER Published in Comics!

This has to be the most disconcerting and unsettling page I've ever seen in comics.
I would say "subliminally" disconcerting, but it's pretty much a no holds barred story of grammar school student Stan's romance and soon to be deflowering by professional football player "gone sissy" Biff.
Published as a "Public Service" by DC Comics in 1963 (in this case, appearing in Superboy #102).

"Gag,""pointers" and "lowdown."
Me adding captions seems superfluous

I'm pretty sure "can I offer you a drink" follows the "…"
Biff is shaking uncontrollably in anticipation as he
explains learning to appreciate the Master.

Spooky menacing uplighting (a lamp must have fallen on the floor)
foreshadows his plans as Biff makes a determined smile.
I think this is also the 4th mention of "pointers."

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  1. Yeah, Mitch, I always suspected that the artist, Sheldon Moldoff, was a bit of a closet case. The Batman stories he drew for Bob Kane (who signed his name to the work) were always (b)rimming with more-than-suggestive postures. While it's only a coincidence that his initials are S and M, his art tended to make a "boy wonder," didn't it?