Friday, December 28, 2012

And the Winners are….!

With the book, Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell"  hitting your local bookstore in a few weeks, it seems time to announce the winners of the world-wide competition, "I Give You Free Stuff
If you remember, I mailed out about 10,000 stickers to folks whose job it was to creatively place them anywhere they saw fit. At some point I would award gifts to the favorites. 
Now, this WAY too much responsibility for me, and I sure didn't want to be yelled at, so I passed the possible ulcer inducing job off on my go-to gal, Skittles. After all, who could ever get mad at a little fuzzy six and a half pound big-eyed kitty cat? 
I whittled the selection down to the top ten. Those numbers were written individually on small squares of paper, while the corresponding master list of entries was hermitically sealing in a licked and taped envelope which was stored under my hat all week. The numbered squares were laid upside down on the floor while Kieran applied grade A honey to Skittles paws. As our furry housemate was lowered and released on the hardwood surface, a random assortment of three numbers scientifically stuck to her paws.
Unfortunately, our official labcoats were at the dry cleaners, but it still counts.

I now have in my hand the envelope and the sticky numbers.
Let me open it ... oh my ...this is amazing ...the WINNERS ARE...

Mackenzie Moore, with her fantastic recreation of everyones favorite book cover, is the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!
She takes home an original full color painting done for Playboy magazine!

fyi- The winners are responsible for paying the taxes on the estimated value of their awards.

In this case, I'm guessing Mackenzie will need to kick in between $3000 to $5000 to the IRS.

Twiggy Starrdust, Constantinople Darling and Ava Adore are the 2nd place winners for their equally enchanting choice of attire!
They get to fight over the only set ever made of the triple M.O'C tiki decks!
In-between pillow hits, ripping of clothing is encouraged.

Amy Robillard, due to random nature of the selection,
seems to have come in Third Place with my art on an ape's ass.
Even though she missed the point completely by making fun of me in a pathetic sad shallow unfunny juvenile way, she still wins everything in the prize closet, including posters, stickers, books, transfers, cards, tattoo flash, prints, and more!
I'm pretty sure this 20lb package will arrive postage due.
HA! HA! Who's laughing now "funny girl"?!

Thanks to everyone who entered! You're ALL WINNERS!


  1. WOO-HOOOOOO! Ape-shit here!!! Thriiiiiiilled! I'd like to thank the academy...and of curse Skittles the genius!

    1. oops typo...of COURSE Skittles the genius!
      And forgot to asterisk the word sh*t in all my excitement.

  2. I can't even tell that's an ape. Let alone an ape's ass! lol