Sunday, October 7, 2012

Iron Invasion Memories!

Thanks to Iron Invasion Head Honcho John Wells for having the O'Connell Clan out to his Hot Rod Hootenanny! We tried to bring a little extra joy to the event by letting attendees purchase M.O'C collectibles from us.
Mission Accomplished!
We were in the "Art" section of the shed. Or the "Forages."
My crew was kept peaceful by a constant supply of money for Fair food options. The end of the day tally was 3 soft drinks, 4 hot chocolates, 2 bratwurst, one hot dog, 2 ice creams and 2 helpings of french fries. Otherwise know as "our profits."

In the main (because it was the only one with heat) shed, where the coffee was purchased as you went back to the non-heated sheds, was an exciting photo history display of all the "Miss McHenry County" Queens. Sometimes posing with the runner ups.
I kid (because I love)!

I wasn't sure if this occurred at Iron Invasion or if it was a wonderful dream I had the night before.
Anyway, here's that vision your enjoyment.

Kieran and I agree, these pipes would look AWESOME on a 2001 Lexus.

As the day wore on Leo became a little stir crazy and produced  some creative examples of prision art. But he was cheered up when Jimmy Flintstone (who was set up across from us) gave him a batch of Rat Fink plastic figures. The fun-filled day came ended when the 6pm bell rung and we headed back home. See you next year Iron Invasion!

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  1. Oh man - Thanks for the color commentary - made me laugh. I was so happy you came to the event. I am a huge fan and wish I could have spent more time talking to you. Hope we can do it again next year.