Monday, October 1, 2012

Flea Market Finds!

It's been awhile since I've spent my hard earned (and not so hard earned) money at the flea market. It's much more enjoyable lightening your back account there then on boring things like electricity, heat and a mortgage. It's the thrill of hunting for the never before seen examples of weird, wild and wacky, and the even bigger thrill of finding them. Here are a few highlight of what I left the Wisconsin Elkhorn Flea Market with, and some snapshots of what I left behind.

Will you be my friend?

One (of the two) greatest hats of all time!

For all your "I Don't Like Mondays" needs!

Something seems to be missing from our traditional Thanksgiving table decorations. If only I could put a finger on it… if only...

One (of the two) greatest hats of all time!

From the fun-filled '60s game "Guess What's In the Bad Man's Car Trunk!"

This euphemism filled sign will now be hung in the M.O'C boudoir-

For all your "TGIF" needs!

I thought I just heard someone whispering "Help!"
Nah. It must have been my imagination!

Abs (and hands) of steel!


  1. They all pale in comparison to what I was recently able to purchase. The infamous Chair, Table and Hat Stand set from 1969 by British pop artist Allen Jones. I got it for just $4 million. It'd be worth a lot more, 10 years from now.

  2. We should go shopping together! Hey, can you spot me $100,000?