Saturday, July 21, 2012

Let's All Go To The Lobby!

I drove a 2002 Lexus full of kids to the Cascade Drive-In ($45. My advice? Wait for Tuesdays when a carload is $15) to see Spider-Man. Well, I only actually "saw" about half of the movie due to the thunderstorms that rolled in about 10 minutes after the movie started. That's great news if you're on a date, but I was busy being Dad, Uncle and neighbor. Anyway, the most exciting thing about putting up with the downpour were the exciting displays of lightening that I had never before observed. Most shot directly across the sky, parallel to the horizon, but a few were like a 4th of July night at Solider Field. I was unable to capture them on film (I found that my shutter finger isn't quite lightening fast) but I do know how to move the Photoshop pen tool around to recreate the experience ...for you!

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