Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black Light Posters!

For all your hippie needs, I came out with 4 actual working black light posters where I truly tried to get inside the black light mindset. I thought they were fantastic (I know that's not like me) but I never could get them distributed. Hence, I've got a few lying around if you'd like something to look at during your next bong party.

A Psychedelic Cavalcade for People Without Hang-ups!

Satan wants you fat! Tape this to the fridge and yell back at the Prince of Darkness when he tries to seduce you with sugary sweet fatty foods! Only YOU have the power to kick his devious red butt right back through the goalposts of Hell!  ...But, mmmmm! Doesn't that double chocolate fudge carmel ice cream sure look Dee-Lish?!

Don't be a hater! Learn the lesson these furry creatures of the forest ignored, never rejoice in the misfortunes of others! Instead, spread the positive helpful energy that goes by the name of "Love"! This lesson should be especially kept in mind when the topic of Mitch O'Connell art comes up.

M'Lady, the poster of passion! Present this to your women on any special occasion (or when you get caught doin' sumptin' you ought not of been doin'). Tell her it conveys your deepest, undying, never-ending love and respect from the deepest recesses of your heart. We guarantee she'll put out!

For today's tuned in kids! Float up, up, up and away as you kick back and relax on a cloud of illegal substance smoke. Stare at the bright revolving colors and soon you'll unravel all the world's mysteries on a trip through your ever lovin' mind! Ride the bong express proudly my hippie friends!

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