Saturday, March 10, 2012

CLOWN ART! The Top 100 Most Disturbing, Sexy and Strange Clown Paintings EVER!

Clowns! Clowns! Clowns!
Finding weird, unsettling and strange paintings of clowns is easy.
Finding ones that aren't would be difficult!
Presented here are the highlights of 20 years with of keeping my eyes open (wide open that is, I wouldn't dare close 'em with these guys lurking around) for the best in creepy, scary, frighting, spooky and just plain wrong in killer clown art!
They're collected from flea market, books and sent in by friends then weeded down to the absolute wildest to save you the time trolling the internet when you're in the mood to see some hot clown action!

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"The book contains 250 tattoo designs, the best of O’Connell's 3 sets of tattoo flash titled Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed (2001), Done While Drunk (2002), and From the Bottom of the Barrel (2006). Each limited edition set sold for $100, and is now out of print, and this volume collects all the images in one easy-to-flip-through book. Mitch O'Connell's art is reminiscent of the Old School tattoo art, from masters such as Sailor Jerry Collins and Don Ed Hardy, but uses more contemporary themes with a distinctive style."
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Pretty much a "personal time" Mitch recreation.

"Why does Monica have to keep giving interviews?" 

I wonder what he's describing?

I'll pose AFTER I'm done peeing!

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An outtake from Apocalypse Now.

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  1. 20 of 67, is one of the creepiest things I have looks like a young Jerry Lewis in harlequin tights.

  2. Absolute genius! Nice collection...thx.

  3. Nice I laughed. We need more!

  4. I didn't understand why some people find clowns disturbing . . . till now. Wow!

  5. I am trying to identify the signature on a painting I own. I have taken photos of the signature, enlarged it, looked at it, all to no avail. I will PayPal $50 to the first person who correctly identifies the artist. My word.

    Email me at:, and I will email you back with photos. First come first serve. Thank you.

  6. What a shitty list, truly a waste of time. Your grammar sucks too. What are you, like 11 years old?

  7. Always happy to make new friends! :-)

  8. I think that "Anonymous" is just bitter, because he was kicked out of the Clown Academy for misappropriation of novelty paraphernalia, and because his momma has a stinky butt.

  9. Brilliant!

  10. I love clowns, very nice collection