Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Peter Van Ael, of the NIU School of Arts in DeKalb, Il., asked me to juror their "Blick Ars Nova Exhibition" a student show to be shown the Jack Olson Gallery.
I was looking forward to getting all Simon Cowell in front of the students. I had American Idol visions of having the young artists stand in a line, then announcing names of those who should take a step forward. They would have big triumpha
nt grins on their faces. THEN I would say that the BACK row were the winners and watch the front row smiles turn to tears. After laughing I would then say, "Whoops! I was right the first time, the FRONT row are the winners!" and so on, for the next hour or two (or as long as it amused me).
Sadly, it was instead done behind closed doors as I had to whittle down 150 submissions down to a show of 25. And then pick the top three, and then the winner.
My clear favorite was an unequivocal masterpiece entitled "The Ladder."
Peter nicely explained that it was actually "a ladder" and not part of the show.

Come see what I ended up selecting when it opens March 22 at 4:30. It also seems there will be a "Juror's Talk." If that means me, I need some folks to stand in front of me in case it turns ugly. I know I can count on you!

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