Monday, February 13, 2017

M.O'C Book Signing Mayhem! The Whole Bloody Story!

You must have ready about this in The Detroit News, but let me give you the actual story.
Long time friend and artist Monique Given invited me to her new shop ‘3 Ring Traveling Apothecary’ for a “Mitch O’Connell Tattoos Vol 2’ book signing. Along with her amazing art, she offers an array of offbeat antiques, local artists crafts and tons of Earth friendly, eco soy organic stuff for the hippie in all of us.
Now before I committed to this celebrity store appearance, I made it clear, that when the M.O’C brings it on, you best be prepared, ‘cause it will be a Mitch Madhouse!
Poor innocent Monique had no idea what hit her. She only had 10 books available(!) when a crowd burst through the doors like a Black Friday Walmart mob. Monique was knocked down and instantly trampled breaking her right arm. As my popularity finally dawned on her, using only her left arm, she ordered 1000 more copies to be delivered within 30 minutes using Amazon drones. 
The rest you must have seen on the live tv reports.
The drones, unable to fly properly under the weight of the bestselling books crashed into the throngs of tattoo art lovers. I, without thinking of my own safety, threw myself over the snack table saving all the wine, cheese and crackers from getting splattered with blood.
Monique and I had to finish the event at the Emergency Room. She swiped credit cards while I inscribed each and every copy!
Me? A hero?
If you say so!

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