Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oysters- The New Comic Book Sensation!

I have to confess, I haven't read every bit of "Otto, The Outcast Oyster," but it just looks so much like a fever dream (or an oyster high on cough syrup) that I just had to share. I forget what '50s funny book I cut this out of, so I don't have any background research to help solve the Where, What, Why of how this came to be, so just sit back and enjoy (aka "scratch your head").

btw- if you love odd (aka "amazing') comics, check out-


  1. I think that If we are truthful, we all know somebody who is just a little bit like "OTTO"... but you need to look deep inside of your heart and to give of yourself, before the healing can take truly take place, only then understanding and love will mold the key that will open the door to kindness.
    If we can all learn something from a silly little character like OTTO....I say good for him.

  2. "Otto the Outcast Oyster" p. 84-89 in Children's Digest, no. 19 (July 1952) -- Call no.: AP201.C46no.19

  3. Someone did think of it in Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Walrus and the Carpenter poem and illustration by Tenniel.