Friday, March 2, 2018

The Sexy Secret History of the Love Doll! NSFW!

The history of “Love Dolls” in vintage 50s to 70s advertising (and many other wild Love Doll discoveries I've run across)!
Apparently this bit of Sex Doll research has been woefully overlooked at Ivy League colleges, Library of Congress, Smithsonian and anywhere on the internet  …until today!
There has never been a box of vintage men’s magazines I haven’t passed up at the flea market to take home and dissect for the odd advertising and more tasteful poses to be used as artistic reference. So over the years it seems I’ve accumulated a small archival stack of the advertisements offering (they promise) the next best thing if you can’t get a girl for Saturday night. Now (I’ve heard) men can be horn-dogs, and since this adverting is mostly in XXX mags, your audience is already presumed dateless and revved up, so many must have taken the leap and stuck their dollar bills in an envelope and waited the 6-8 weeks for their mail order bride. I know now they make incredibly realistic $10,000 life-like ‘love dolls’, but that’s just creepy, I prefer my decadence as kitschy as possible, and the old-school blow-up dates are a wonderful testament and tribute to how little thought goes into anything when your dick does the thinking.
The oldest ads I have are for the ‘Instant Party Doll’ that actually looks pretty ‘50s cool in a mannequin kinda way, while the later ones describing the many pulsating wet holes it comes with for poking away makes you want to be sure your shower water is as hot as possible. And some are hilarious in a delusional way showing how you can take you signifiant other on vacations, camping, pool parties and out for cocktails. So besides the many vinyl girlfriends that were purchased as gag gifts for bachelor or bachelorette parties or used as a joke is a 80s teen comedy movie, there also must have been quite a few squeaky love surprises when going through everything for Grandpa’s estate sale (“That can go right in the trash!”).
I started by stating that the ads only appear to their target audience of porn readers, but wait to the end and you might get a chuckle seeing another group marketing thought might enjoy their product!


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