Thursday, October 19, 2017

Putt Putt Fever! The Lure of Novelty Golf!

I love all remnants of ‘ol time America. Give me a Drive-In over a Multi-Plex, a Sideshow over Great America and a Mom ’n Pop Diner over TGIF. We’re lucky to have a trifecta of family fun just down the street, The Bunny Hutch for snacks, right next to the Batting Cages, which butt up to Novelty Golf and Arcade, even though I only take advantage of them every couple years depending on the ages of all the children I’ve produced. After a long break, I went back in ‘16 with a two year old Aiden for a round of golf. When I found out he’d also be charged the $10 fee to putt putt, I passed and we settled for sharing a cup of ice cream (with sprinkles). Upon reflection, I don’t think the novelty golf folks are all driving Rolls Royces off their sawbuck admissions, so I got over my irritation and decided to count my blessings instead.
There are two course routes intertwined together, and we picked the one that ended at Frankenstein (yes, I know, ‘Frankenstein’s Monster). Since Aiden had a good time throwing the ball (we’ll still working on his golf club form)
we’ll be back asap for the other path.
And you know you’re at a cool place when the skeleton drawing by the cashier
is M.O’C clip art!

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