Friday, December 23, 2016

Kenny Rogers in Art, the inspiring muse for artists around the world!

What image has inspired more artists over the centuries?
The female form? Jesus?
It's 'The Gambler' himself, Mr. Kenny Rogers. 
When an artist puts paint on his brush, what would start the creative juices flowing more than the soundtrack of Lucille, Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town, Islands in the Stream, Lady, You Decorated My Life among 100s of other top hits?
No Kenny, YOU decorated our canvases!
From the glory of the lion's mane to your jaunty white beard, the insightful twinkling eyes (before and after facelift) and the almost impossible to capture country swagger, I'm sure the '1986 People Magazine Favorite Singer of All Time' will continue to be the 'go-to' for all artistic expression 'til the end of time!

Kenny paintings were originally part of The Bad Ass Art Gallery, but like Creepy Clown Paintings, they deserved a blog of their own!


  1. Known for his instantly identifiable raspy vocals and an extraordinary ability to vividly inhabit each song he performs, Kenny Rogers has enjoyed great success during his storied career of nearly five and a half decades. A groundbreaking recording artist, distinctive vocalist and consummate entertainer, this iconic superstar has endeared music lovers around the globe with his amazing songs, heartfelt performances and rare storytelling ability.

  2. That first one is absolutely amazing- it looks like the combination of two images to make the one. Or painting on velvet is harder than one would think. I remember someone I knew was such a Kenny Rogers fan he was gifted a shellacked piece of wood with his image and a clock on it. Fantabulous