Friday, August 5, 2016

Spook Show! The Classic Wacky, Weird and Wonderful Midnight Movie Posters of Yesteryear!

My love of classic Spook Show posters hopefully comes across in this tribute to the all american midnight movie events of the 40s, 50s and 60s with these three new screenprints!
I also took that homemade charm 'cut 'n paste' feel of the originals by using a few childhood images from Creepy, Famous Monsters and the like that burned a hole in brain way back when.
Also, it never hurts to add the classic cheesecake of Marilyn Monroe,
Jayne Mansfield and Bettie Page!

The amazing award winning 'Yetee' printers have worked their magic meticulously making 50 of these screenprinted 'collector items' and are ready for shipping now!
Each is hand signed (by me) on 18 by 24" quality heavyweight 'French' paper stock.
Just $60 (that includes U.S. postage, $70 for Canada and $80 overseas), payable through Paypal to account ""!
And- you ALWAYS get extra free crap with every purchase!
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  1. Thats totally worldly, bro...
    wanna wiseabove this world?
    Make Your Choice -SAW