Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Paul McCartney Sgt. Pepper Psychedelic Pop Art Surreal Signed Screen Print!

If You Want It, Here It Is, Come and Get It!
Longtime Beatles fan, artist Mitch O'Connell,
worked up a loving tribute tour poster gift for Paul McCartney.
Despite Mitch's best efforts of getting this 60s Yellow Submarine
inspired masterpiece seen by the cutest moptop,
the hoped for call from Sir Paul asking if he could use the art
AND be Mitch's BFF, never came.
But in the process, many other Beatle (and M.O'C) fans requested their very own print.
Mitch has answered your prayers!
Chicago's Screwball Press has hand-pulle
d a limited number of
M.O'C hand-signed huge 22 by 22" thirteen color screenprints
for all your psychedelic wall hanging needs!
They went to tripy town mixing their very own concoctions of
fluorescent, shimmery and dayglow paints
(their beauty unable to be captured in photographs)
into their already vibrant printing inks,
now guaranteed to give all viewers a contact high.
Also, if Mr. McCartney feels I might be cutting into his
billion dollar fortune by offering these for sale,
my offer of FREE usage of this image on all his concert merchandising still stands!
I hope that takes the edge off.
These sure to be sought after collector items are $100ea (plus $10 USA postage).
Order yours here-

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