Thursday, October 15, 2015

Chippo! Everybody Loves Him! The Forgotten Chipmunk Singing Superstar of the 70s!

At one of my many flea market excursions, I came across an intriguing folder of ephemera. Inside was magical glimpse of the mid-70s and the entertainment efforts of Craig Dickens as "Danton the Magician" featuring the breakout "Little Star of STARS," the "World Famous Chipmonk" Chippo! It struck a chord with me because I always the admire, and sympathize, with anyone that has a vision, and then puts in the work to go for it. Going though the programs and flyers of this troupe made me want to share the experience of the kids and adults of this "Family Fun Show" in the schools, restaurants and theaters circuit they toured. Nothing tells me exactly what went on with Chippo, (in his bushy mascot outfit) along with his dog, Flea-O-Patra (someone else in a bushy mascot costume) at the revue, except that they had at least one song, "Chippo's Song" that included his simple positive message, "I like to show it (the world) how to smile and laugh and glow, with star bright Chippo-Chippo-Chippo!" 
It seems they had hopeful plans for Chippo, with copyright and registered trademarks plastered all over the program books just in case the Chippo TV shows and movies might be in their future. It also shows the hard work put into the enterprise with full page local business ads that i'm sure involved a lot of door knocking and sale pitches to procure. Indications of high hopes include slogans, "Love Is Happiness," blank program pages for autographs, banners for fans to wave, publicity photos for the local papers and commissioned coloring book style drawings of Chippo for the youngest folks to enjoy. I like the idea of Chippo as just Chippo, but the program book gives it away with the inch high type proclaiming "Chippo IS CARL DAHLIA." One can only hope that Carl runs across the 'ol musty outfit in the garage and tries it on for size. Then he gives Craig a call for the heck of it to see if he still has his topcoat, cape and magic wand. This leads to rounding up the whole cast for a triumphant tri-county reunion tour.
That'll be me in the front row!

Someone better tell the gentlemen on the right to get with the program.
"Everyone Loves Chippo!"

Wayne know how to take a good publicity photo!
I'm also intrigued by Joy Dickens "The TV Canfield Lady."

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