Monday, August 3, 2015

Attention Paul McCartney!

I decided to stop waiting for Sir Paul to give me a ring requesting that I  design his tour poster, and just went ahead and whipped one up.
So if you know the second cousin to Paul's lighting guy, someone who works at the dry cleaner where Paul drops off his shirts, or have 3rd row tickets to an upcoming concert, please pass along my art!
Who knows, not that he'll like it, but with your help, he might actually see it!

P.S. I was happy that, out of the 27,876,542 Paul McCartney illustrations that exist,
 I actually came up with something new (I think)!
I combined about 30 Paul references (I can always add more) in the drawing, a few obvious ones being the walking pose from Abbey Road, the profile from Revolver, the garb of Sgt. Pepper, the lettering from Magical Mystery Tour, and on and on and on,
all rendered with a nod to Yellow Submarine.

PPS Paul, if you can use it, no charge.
Well, maybe 4 front row tickets couldn't hurt!

As a backup plan, I have this earlier try at a Paul (and Ringo) poster! 

Of course, I have the same "I love the Beatles" stories as every other human being,
but I especially love this photo of my Mom and Dad (and blonde neighbor)
completly trashed singing along to Sgt. Pepper. :-)


  1. This is great, Mitch -- much more interesting than the official poster, IMO! A commenter on our group blog brought this to our attention, and I wrote a brief post about it, using your pictures:

    Hope that's OK. I'm also based in Chicago -- maybe I'll see you at Beatle Fest weekend after this?