Monday, November 3, 2014

Muralist Kieran O'Connell Beautifies Chicago!

Our North Park community held a mural design competition to add a little culture to a 7 by 24' brick wall space at 3256 N. Bryn Mawr, just a few blocks from our house.
Young artist Kieran O'Connell broke out the pens and paper and made it just under the deadline wire with her psychedelic Peter Max/Yellow Submarine vision submission, which, out of the 23,675 entries (give or take 23,671), was unanimously voted the winner by the wise members of the North Park Center Committee!
How did she achieve this pinnacle of artistic success? 
Kieran has enjoyed doodling since she could hold a crayon, and hasn't stopped since.
I blame myself.
She saw me at the drawing table all the time and must have thought that's what normal people do.
I should be pleased that one of my children seems to have chosen a career in order to support me in my old age, but I know what drawing pays, so it looks like I'll financially still be on my own.

Or maybe she'll end up as that rare breed of artist that actually MAKES money.
She IS on the right track with that $1000 check for her mural, so maybe someday soon I CAN retire!

This just in!
It seems she's also well on her way of becoming an
internet sensation (just click on the links)!!media/c1e6o

Our alderman tells everyone how amazing the art is
(as if they can't see for themselves)!

The fans that now can brag that "they were there"!

The glow of a "job well done" crossed with "I got paid"!

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