Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Shitload of Clowns! A Collection of the Craziest, Creepiest and Cutest Clowns of ALL TIME!

We all get it- clowns are scary!
Saying you think clowns are creepy is not going to
make you part of a small select insightful group,
you've just joined everyone else with a drop of
common sense on the planet Earth.
You've seen the mediocre "Top 10 Most Frightening Clowns"
Yahoo lists where someone Googled "clowns"
and put together a random assortment,
but with this every expanding blog,
I'm going to weed through the clown crap,
and pick out the most crapy of the crapiest
...for YOU!
So when you're in the mood to see colorful painted smiling 
folks who look like they might have a boy scout troop
caged in their basement, this is your one stop shop!

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