Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vicki Ann Henninger, Where Are You Now?

What's the first thing you save if your house is on fire
(after the kids, grandma and the cats)?
Your photo albums (or nowadays, your hard drive)!
That's why it's a little unnerving to find something so precious and personal as someones family photos for sale in a thrift store, especially in the case of Vicki Ann Henninger, where her entire young life, from birth to 18, is documented in studio portraits.
I also feel a certain kinship with her as it seems we've shared many of the same hair-do decisions over the years.
I can only wish for a happy ending where Vicki is alive and well, has a thriving career, blissful marriage, wonderful kids and lives down the street so I can walk over and return her pictures (and a batch of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is given in return).
If it turns out she died in a police shootout while robbing a bank in 1992, please keep the news to yourself.


  1. Born & lives/lived in Oregon

    Married in Nevada just shy of 21 yrs old

  2. This is my mother and she is healthy has a job owns her own house has kids and grandkids shes happily married so ive solved the mysterious mystery so please take all of her pics down!!

  3. Happy Ending- got a nicer note in my emails and was happy to mail the photo album to the Aunt after being told it was stolen from her apartment.