Monday, June 2, 2014

Ye Olden Memories...

Way back in 1986, a young and vibrant Hilary Barta and myself decided to collaborate on a lil' digest 'zine called Reaction Shots. It seemed easy, I'd pencil and Hilary would ink. What I didn't take into account was the pressure it took on Hilary giving him the amazing opportunity to cover the graphite of a Mitch O'Connell. It seems my penciled pages sat on his drawing table for a year while he built up his nerve to touch the exquisite designs with his signature hamhanded haphazard slapdash brushstrokes. Finally on March 15th 1987 he started with his Winsor Newton Series 7 #3 brush and Pelikan ink. According to the ambulance crew that arrived later that day, he was on the floor shaking, weeping and foaming at the mouth. Hilary spent the remainder of 1987 in a coma at Swedish Covenant Hospital. When he awoke, his luxurious brown hair had turned white and he had become the grizzled withered hunchbacked shell of a man that we all know and love today.
Here's the unfinished art, but don't show it to Hilary!
It might send him over the edge.

Of course- I KID!
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