Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Most Frightening Children's Doll of ALL TIME!

Imagine the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-like scenario of a truck full of plastic doll bodies crashing into a truck full of Li'l Abner rubber puppet heads, or the entrepreneurial brainstorm of what to do with a warehouse of unsold headless baby dolls and unwanted Li'l Abner, Daisy Mae, Pappy Yokum and Mammy Yokum noggins.
I found the nude corncob pipe missing Mammy Yokum at the flea market and did a double take. Then a triple take. What is this strange Frankenstein creation? The grafted head on a baby-! the horribly molded breasts-!! on a one month old-!!! topped with an 80 year old leering face?!!!!
I thought it must have been the one-off creation of a junior mad scientist with sexual issues, but through extensive research (an ebay search) it appears this was actually on 1950's toy store shelves.
I don't have the other residents of Al Capp's Dogpatch, but I hope Daisy Mae had better luck with her breast implants, and I shudder to think what surgery took place on Pappy and Abner!

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