Friday, March 21, 2014

Sexist Male Chauvinist Pigs …you gotta love 'em!

When I was 13-14, my mom had a subscription to Ms. magazine.
There was one page that fascinated me named, "No Comment".
On it were reader submitted examples of sexism in media where the general assumption was that woman couldn't figure out much more than looking pretty and having kids.

Most of the pieces reprinted were genuinely pigheaded and well worth being pissed about, but a few seemed quite mild and not really something to get outraged over (even going as far as presenting "joke" National Lampoon ads as real).
But, of course, women do like to go on and on with their
constant nagging and complaining.
Anyway, while feeling sentimental, I pieced up the first 50 issues
of Ms. on ebay ($30. Score!).
I went through 'em all to share the highlights of the "No Comment" pages ...with you!
Another thing I learned by going through all 50 issues.
Men seem to be really, really annoying!

PLUS! If you found this oddly interesting- you might also enjoy-

and just to slightly even things out-

If you enjoy these, you'll LOVE the equally sexist, I mean SEXY, new book,
"Mitch O'Connell, the World's Best Artist"!

Plus- the ACTUAL ads that ran in MS. had no problem
matching the "No Comment" selections tit for tat

(just call me "Mr. Pun")!

I need a Donut Shack in the kitchen STAT!


  1. Firm but fair....Peter FranksMarch 25, 2014 at 7:22 AM

    AHHHH.....The good old days !

  2. As a dued, oh what I wouldn't give to see a real corporation try to get away with this today.

    But as the father of a daughter, I cringe.

  3. Sorry, I meant to say "dude", but my fingers slipped...

    ..."that's what she said!"

  4. "if" the machine sold 50 sets of donuts each day! Wowie! Where do I sign up??!!?

  5. The 70s were more egalitarian than the 80s were. Just sayin.

  6. If you have five machines ($600-$1200 each), EACH of which sell 50 'sets' of donuts per day, you can make $250!

    One dollar profit per 'set'; i wonder if that's a dozen or half dozen? Each donut could be worth 8-16 cents!

    So, only 15,000 donuts to pay for your minimum investment of $1200!

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  8. Nihil, males ARE slaves and always have been. Males are sacrificed for the sake of the women and children. Males must supply women with money, even if those women are no longer married to them or living with them. Men make the money, women control the money and the men's lives. Women can freely beat and abuse men with the full protection of the law. These decades ads that you're all bent out of shape about could be considered some retaliation by men from the abuse by their women...mocking women as an inside joke to other men as some sort of coping solidarity, because the men who wrote those ads wouldn't dare say those to their wives.

    1. Yeah, yeah, sure. Tell it to the barkeep, gramps.

    2. Cute. But probably younger than you. And the barkeep likely agree with my statements...

  9. Richard Boone stole that joke from the Rat Pack!

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