Sunday, February 9, 2014

The X Factor!

I had the pleasure of watching the formation of a new Supergroup, "Pat Thai" as they rehearsed together for the first time Saturday afternoon!
Sexy swingin' bachelo
Patrick Curley took time out from romancing the ladies in Andersonville, and lovely songstress Kieran O'Connell graciously took time out from doing homework, to spend an afternoon jamming on a Kieran composition titled "Buffering."
As a hanger-on I was in charge of bringing snacks and telling Dex (the pooch staring me down in the photograph) to stop humping my leg. Which I told him about 20 times (I blame myself though, I do have very attractive legs).
To make sure they hit the big-time, I might have to dig into my own pocket and buy the group an actual microphone to hear the lyrics* on the next demo, but something you can tell without the aid of fancy "recording equipment" is that they've got the one thing you can't buy at Radio Shack.

Demo 2
Demo 1

* I am her father, so my judgement is biased, but she is an amazing poet.
Now go finish that homework!

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