Sunday, October 27, 2013

Svengoolie and Zombies. Oh my!

Thanks to the fine folks of The City of Elgin for including me (due to dashing DJ of the event, Joe Black's suggestion) as a guest and a judge of the "Nightmare On Chicago Street"'s huge costume contest. The other judge Clare Ramsey (an actual big-shot make-up artist on films like Quantum of Solace and The Hobbit) and I had about 10 minutes to go through over 100 pics, put them in 5 categories and pick the top three, in order, for each of those. So if you entered and think you got a raw deal, sorry!
Speed trumped accuracy just a 'lil bit.
Alyson, Kieran and I got to sit next to Svengoolie (as he signed and posed for about 400 fans), who has memory skills to recall my name and Leo's
(a talent I covet, but not enough to actually work on).
A great change of pace way to spend the evening in beautiful downtown Elgin!

DJ Joseph Allen Black wonders why I happen to be on the floor.

It must be true!

Alyson makes the world a better place by turning the citizens of Elgin into the walking dead!
Kieran gets the perk of being first in line.

I've licensend my image for the first official M.O'C cookie!
Like myself, they're sweet and delicious
(future cookies will not have the small human head sticking out)!

Yes, I took this picture while standing ON STAGE with SVENGOOLIE at the Elgin costume contest.
Why am I on stage?

Kieran finds someone who is cool enough to pose with,
and the coolest guy in the room is ALWAYS Joseph Allen Black!

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