Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Bestest Hotel in the WORLD!

When in Wisconsin, there's only one hotel the O'Connells frequent- The AMAZING Don Q Inn!
Choose from a dozen Fantasy Suites (along with regular rooms) in this crazy charming rustic getaway. On view below is the Cupid's Corner (soon to be r
elocated to to the O'Connell Manor). Our first choice, Tranquility Base, was sadly already booked, a two story room featuring a recreation of a Gemini Space Capsule (with your round bed inside), a "moon crate" whirlpool AND, from the ceiling, a dangling life-sized astronaut!
Check it out for yourself-
Interestingly, the ceiling mirrors are more "funhouse" than actual
representations of the folks below.

Which actually works in my favor.
at 3pm when you're there, they give a tour of all the Fantasy Suites.
Some look stunningly more crazy fun than their online photos.
Some look like a nut with a truck load of carpet samples, a power stapler and a glue gun went on a decorating spree. ALL are well worth seeing!

Last Gasp Publishing has signed a deal with Wisconsin's Don Q Inn to stock each room with a copy of "Mitch O'Connell the World's Best Artist by Mitch O'Connell"!
Publisher Ron Turner declares that soon 2 major hotel chains (hint- Motel Comes After 7 and Howard J********) will be joining suit by also throwing out their boring old unread bibles in favor of this NEW and GLITTERTASTIC bestseller!

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