Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hollywood XXX Thievery! NSFW!

The little known dirty secret of where the big-shot Hollywood excutitives get their blockbuster hit television, cable and movie concepts!
...from the hard working folks of the adult film industry!
Don't believe me? Just look at the proof!!

PS If you have any of these VHS tapes, please send me a pic!

A Clockwork Orgasm
A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream
A Pecker Runs Through It
A Penile Action
A Room With A Screw
A Tale Of Two Titties
Adam's Ribbed
Against All Bods
American Booty
American Dyko
Anal And The King
Ass Ventura - Smut Detective
Balls Don't Dry
The Ball-Tease Falcon
Bareass In The Park
Barton Kink
Battlestar Orgasmica
The Best Rears Of Our Lives
Beverly Hills Cock
The Bitches Of Madison County
Black Men Can Hump
Blade Cummer
Blown With The Wind
The Blue Vein Brothers
Bone Alone
The Bonfire Of The Panties
The Bootyguard
Bridge On The River KY
Bright Lights, Big Titties
Buffy The Vampire Layer
Bushmore Buth Cassidy And The Lapdance Kid
Butt Simple
The Cider Whore Drools
Cliff Banger Cocksanne
Crocodile Dun-Me
Cum And Cummer
Cumming To America
Das Booty
Dial M For Missionary
Dickman And Throbin Hood
Dirty Hairy Disclothe
Her Dog-Style Afternoon
Doing John Malkovich
Done In 60 Seconds
The Dong Remains The Same
E3 - The Extra-Testicle
Eat Me - The Sextra Terrestrial
Edward Penishands
The Eight Inch Lebowski
Ejacula The Empire Strokes Black
Enema Of The State
Erecnophobia Erection
The Erotic Witch Project
The Eyenator
Face Jam
Fellatio Pornblower
Ferris Bueller's Jack Off
Field Of Creams
Flashpants - Cop A Feeling
Flesh Gordon
The Flintbones
For Your Thighs Only
Foreskin Gump
Forrest Hump
Four Wet Ones And A Fun Oral
The Fuckulty Full Metal Dildo
The Full Mounting
Give Me Head, Alfredo Garcia
Gonad The Barbarian
Good Will Humping
Guess Who Came At Dinner
Hannah Does Her Sisters
Her Back To The Future
The Hind-Lick Maneuver
Honey, I Blew Everybody!
Honey, I Blew Up My Tits
The Horny-Mooners
The Horny Mr Ripley
How Stella Got Her Back Grooved
How The West Was Hung
How To Suck Seed In Business Without Really Trying
The Humpback Of Nasty Dames
I Cream On Genie
I Dream Of Weenie
I Love Juicy
I Re-Enter Mama
 Out Indiana Joan And The Temple Of Poon
In Rear-Endence Day
The Inside-Her
Intercourse With A Vampire
Interview With A Vibrator
Itty Bitty Gang Bang
Jack/Off Jennifer Ate
The Joy Suck Club
Jurassic Pork
Lawrence Of Labia
Leave It In Beaver
The Legend Of Teabagger Vance
Legs Wide Open
Life Is Bootyfull
The Load Warrior
The Loin King
The Long Ranger
Looney Poons - with Jugs Bunny, Horn E. Coyote, Twattie Bird & Porkin' Pig
The Maddam's Family
The Magnificent 7"
Malcolm XXX
Man Gonna Moon
Mighty Joe Schlung
Miracle On 69th Street
Missionary Impossible
Muffy The Vampire Layer
Murphy's Brown
My Bare Lady
The Nair'ed Bitch Project
Night Of The Giving Head
Nurse Snatchet
On Golden Blonde
One Blew Over The Tata's Chest
Orifice Party
Passenger 69
Picnic At Hanging Cock
Pimping Irene
Plan 69 From Outer Space
Planet Of The Gapes
Pleasing Arizona
The Porn Birds
Porn On The 4th Of July
Pornochio Pulp Friction
Pumping Irene
Reaming Out The Dead
Regarding Hiney
The Replacement Drillers
Reservoir Bitches
Riding Miss Daisy
The Rodfather
Romancing The Bone
The San Francisco 69ers vs The Green Bay Butt Packers Saturday Night Beaver
The Scent Of Green Pajamas
Schindler's Fist
The Seven Inch Samurai
Sgt Pecker's Lonely Heart's Club Gangbang
The Sexorcist
Sex Trek - The Next Penetration
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Sheepless In Montana
Singing In the Golden Rain
Six Gays, Seven Dykes
The Sixth Inch
Sleeping With Seattle
The Slutty Professor
Snatch Adams
The Sperminator
Sperms Of Endearment
Splendor In The Ass
Star Prick - The Next Ejaculation
Star Whores
The Stroking Tail-iens
Tales From The Clit
Teabagging With Mussolini
Terms Of Enrearment
Three Men And A Barbie
Tight-Ass Androgenous
Titty Slickers
Too Clothed For Comfort
Twin Peeks
Wet Dreams May Cum
Wetness For The Prosecution
What About Boob?
When Harry Ate Sally
The Whore Of The Worlds
Willie Wanker And The Fudge Packing Factory The Wizard Of Ahhhs
XXXcape From Nude York
The XXX Files
Yank My Doodle – It’s A Dandy
Yo Quiero Taco Smell
The Young And The Breastless
Your-Ass-Lick Park
You've Got Tail
A Beautiful Behind
Womb Raider
Schindler's Fist
Shaving Ryan's Privates
Glad he ate her 
Driving Into Miss Daisy
Riding Miss Daisy 
Batman in Robin
Blowjob Impossible
Dyke Hard
Star Whores 
Sorest Rump 
Edward Penishands

Gangbangs of New York
On Golden Blonde 
How Stella Got Her Tube Packed
In Diana Jones and the Temple Poon
Saturday Night Beaver
Sick Degrees of Penetration 
Legally Boned
Throbin Hood (Prince of Beaves)
When Harry Ate Sally 
Romancing The Bone 
Lord Of The G-Strings
White Men Can't Hump 
Ocean's 11 inches

American Booty
Pulp Friction
Swollow Hal 
Breast Side Story
Blown in 60 Seconds
Buffy The Vampire Layer
Buttman and Throbbin'
Sperms of Enderarment 
School of Cock 
Free My Willy


  1. What about the classic..."Searching for Ryan's Privates" ?

  2. ^I thought it was 'shaving Ryan's privates' .... In a world in which effort is appreciated less and less 'sperm busters' should take it's place at the very prinacle of absolutely no effort at all. It's not even a pun is it