Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 10 Most Sexist Objectifications of Women …EVER!!!

Hope you enjoyed my Google friendly post title! 
I've always found the image of the "trophy wife," or just female conquest in general, taken literally, to have a wonderful '50's krazy kooky kitschy charm. 
Or …should it be taken as a vicious demeaning denouncement of the female by pitiful, frightened, insecure men? Males unable to deal with women on a mental level so they symbolically catch and possess them with mindless brute force?

Or is it all just plain silly?

If you find this on ebay, please do me a solid and refrain from bidding.
I'm on an artists budget for God's sake!

Sadly, only the ad is in the Mitch O'Connell collection.
Why can't I be the talk of the neighborhood?!
This has nothing to do with the subject at hand, but did you know I have a career retrospective book of my art out? 
Well now you do!
And not to limit myself to only one body part...

My favorite aspect of this Billy Bass-like wall mounted singing display is the pink ribbon on the packaging proclaiming "Jingle Jugs supports breast cancer awareness."
Only one of my fellow men could have come up with the thought that, yea, that'll take the edge off! 

And- to answer my question poised at the beginning ...I'm going with silly.

Truth is, I'm sure I could find just as many examples of men's heads mounted on walls (I think every other EC horror comic ended with that scene), but that's not as much fun, is it?

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