Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Holy Mountain theatrical trailer

Went with son Leo to the midnight screening of The Holy Mountain at the Music Box Theatre last night. Some times you have to make excuses for an older film, like "I know you've seen this kind of stuff before, but this was groundbreaking at the time."
Not with Holy Mountain!
Every scene is a crazy upside down rethought out vision that'll keep you wide awake, even if it is 4 hours past your (aka "my") bedtime. I got worried about 15 minutes in if it was just going to be a montage of weirdness, but no, there's a story too! Plus, it's the kind of film that'll get your creative juices flowing. It makes you appreciate, if you're in anyway involved in the arts, what a joy and thrill it is to be able to start with thin air, and have the ability to pull out something amazing.
Leo and I agree, 4 stars! And, if you can, see it on the big screen!

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