Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion Don't!

Went shopping with Leo at a few local thrift store for funny back to school t-shirts and Levis and need up with a good sized haul. When Leo called us all in the living room to bask in his great finds he was modeling a pair jeans.
"Aren't these great?!" he exclaimed as he pulled off the "32/32" tag stapled to the waist. But when he put his cellphone in his pocket it stuck halfway out, "These pockets are really little. Wait a minute, are these girl pants?!" He quickly unbuttoned 'em, pulled down the back and frantically asked Kieran to read the size tag. She laughed and said, "They're a 12!". Leo shrieked "NOOOOOOOO!", ripped them off as if they were on fire and ran out of the room in his briefs while simultaneously doing a frantic spastic dance.
We haven't seen him since. But we have been leaving food out on the back steps.

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