Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bump 'n Grind!

Last Thursday went with bud Mark Braun to see the touring "Burlesque-A-Pades" at Martyrs. Little did I know that TimeOut Chicago would be photographing the show and thus preserving my giant gleaning noggin for the online world to enjoy. Can you spot it? Can you see ANYTHING with that with that white globe blocking the view?!Overheard at the imaginary O'Connell household. "Honey, just got back from delivering food to the homeless!" announces Mitch. "Oh really?" sez the ball and chain wearing a cold cream face-mask and pointing to the computer, "Then whose supersized shiny skull is THIS?!" Funny sound effect. Cut to Mitch's guilty expression. Host Murray Hill was Don Rickles hilarious and bought me a PBR during the event after using me as the receipt of endless zingers. I never stopped smiling (when the gals were on) and laughing (when Murray was on). Wonderful performers, including Kitten DeVille, the Pontani Sisters and the one and only magical Michelle L'Amour.
Good Times!

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