Monday, October 28, 2013

An Amazing night with The Amazing Kreskin!

Kieran and I ESPecially enjoyed an Amazing night with The Amazing Kreskin! The world famous mind reader was a combo platter of fun, quirky, mystifying, hilarious, cranky, thrilling and spectacular as he entertained the Arcada Theatre audience for 3 hours (but it only seemed liked 2 hours and 55 minutes). Kieran was on stage for 40 of those minutes as part of a group feeling the "power of suggestion" as Kreskin put them through the motions of thinking the room was freezing, then boiling hot, then raining and finally, had them believing that ghosts were coming toward the stage. Kieran described the sensation as "creepy," and as a front row audience member, it was sure head scratching to see it work.
Thanks to Kieran for indulging her father in an evening of octogenarian entertainment!

fyi- check out the mesmerizing movie "The Great Buck Howard" for a glimpse into the Kreskin world. 

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