Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Year of the Top 100 Strangest, Weirdest and Wildest Flea Market Finds!

Most every Sunday morning I like to get up early and make the still dark drive to the Flea Market. I don’t know if I really ‘like’ to get up at 5am, but I do love going on this odd pop culture archaeological dig poking around the 100s of vendors odds ’n ends looking for treasure! What I consider treasure might be different than most. It wouldn’t be featured on ‘Antiques Roadshow, and it’s not anything that’s going to be worth a fortune. It’s going to be something oddball and offbeat, cute and crazy or strange, sleazy and sexist. And hopefully it’s priced under $5!
The house is pretty jam-packed with past freaky finds, so I’m on a photographic ‘catch and release’
program where the fun is sharing the the sights with you!
Of course, if I run across something so head-scratchingly weird, wild and wacky that I can’t believe it exists,
I’ll somehow find room to squeeze it in sideways at O’Connell Museum!
So here are a batch of snapshots of the past year that you’re welcome to leisurely scroll through at any time of the day!

What back yard couldn't use the "I'll be your friend" Mr. Ronald McDonald?!
Just locate the missing bench and you'll have the perfect sitting spot for what used to be lonely bbq's!

Dress? Table? Hat? Cupcake? Nope! It's a beautiful lampshade!
I wish I could have seen the rest of the home this came from!

Only after I left I realized I'd never find frames this gaudy again!
All CB Radio inspired songs are strange,
but this wins as one of the most horrifying (look it up and take a listen)!
A touch of class could be added to your trailer!

The flea market. Where 'PC' was created.

I've added the terms "Aw Nertz!" and
"That's For You!" to my witty repartee!
I have 7. One for every day of the week.
I liked this painting an thought it was well worth the $3!

I love the great package design!
This is a 6 hour process for Mrs. O'Connell.
I don't want to know the details of how he "Made this beer"!
How I've furnished my home with the best in Fine Art.
Well, as 'Fine' as $20 and under will get me!
You can't beat western figures that are molded with gunshot exit wounds!
Yes, a real stuffed zebra!
Fun drawing board for the youngest O'Connell.
I agree! Pizza always deserves two exclamation points!
Flea market food trucks.
When you want a light refreshing meal on a sunny hot crowded day.
Two hands, no waiting!
Life gets lonely on the range.
A 3ft tall Garfield alarm clock.
If I didn't already have 2 of 'em, I would have snapped it up!
Where I'll find great graphics to swipe and use in my own art.
That's how you write off purchases on your taxes!
Next year I'm setting up!
The Vegas Gambling Board likes to get 'em started young!
"Will inflate to fifteen inches' used to be the headline of my profile!
The magical era where a middle aged Barnabas Collins
could also be the teen idol of 14 year old girls. 
I've been to a Donkey Party, but I don't remember it being exactly like this.

If you had "Giant stuffed frog dressed in sexy leopard lingerie,
stockings and wearing a cowboy hat over a Rick James inspired wig on your shopping list,
you would have been very happy!
What happens in the corn field, stays in the corn field!

This item has a very limited customer base.

'70s graphics are the best!
A stack of art that the seller informed me was done by an artist that is now dead, therefore making it much more valuable.
I'm going to hold off that strategy for my own career.
I had that same jacket in 1990.

These look great in my back yard!

Finally! A sport that is age appropriate for me!

The 80s had to have been the most creative period in fine art!
Or was that 'most prolific period in motel art'?

These are banks. Your spare change goes between the cheeks.
If you ever need a 'conversation starter..."!
Back when labels weren't designed by committee.
They're a little too excited to see The Bubble Gum Kid.
Just a nonjudgmental observation!

Still trying to figure out if these are "Do" or "Don't" posters.

Another example of "You'll NEVER know what you'll find"!

It'll scare the s**t out of you!

I'm holding these for the Second Coming.

FOUR!!! Get off the green!
I can't decide on adding them to the living room or dining room.
You think your day is tough.
At least they haven't drilled a lamp in your head.
Another of the many, "Hey! I had that as a kid"!

In the city, this helps thieves locate your money.

Dented, mildew, rust, scratches, mold and stained.
Otherwise mint!

Flea markets, your #1 source for velvet paintings!

Some say the flea market is haunted by the ghost of a one eyed clown.
I say they're full of....

The flea maker is also your #1 location for unicorn art!
My parties were always a bore, until I read this book and added 'dramatic' to my doilies!
Now I'm the hit of high society!
A bag of clown heads!
Always good news!
Learn how to spin plates!
Classes every hour on the hour.

If I had a tree in the yard...

Produced by Johnny Walker.
Sometimes it's not always blissful at the market. This vendor started throwing his shoes  in every direction until security calmed him down. I guess it was just one too many people asking him "What's your best price on this?"!

I remember this from 'Aliens'!

Best welders helmet ever!
Yes, I got them all.
I have an illness!

For holding my thing.

Kong loves her for her personality.

Bring me the head of Ronald McDonald!

Little known fact! Reservoir Dogs was a remake of a little seen 60s all female movie!
It's a 'left'!
The flea market, where you can just relax and be yourself!

Oh those crazy hillbillies!

Photo albums! Often a treasure trove!

If you ever go to the flea market together, I'll be insisting on matching hats.

Be still my heart!

When two folks want the same item at the market!
The lamp you notice right before the chloroform soaked rag goes over your face.

Taxidermy niche 'I have to pee' humorous theme.
The brief phase in the '80s when all the kids were wearing the teen idol 'Roy" masks!
Sometimes the vendors can take care of the comedy without my help!
For the fair weather fan.

I ONLY purchase gifts that have been approved by Miss America!

I'll take all four, just to be on the safe side!
'Easy Rider' magazine. Kindof the Anti 'Ms." magazine.

It feels like a pickle!

Smuggled out of Area 51!
The truth is out there!

Look! "I did it myself!"
Even woman can make art!

Always happy to spy a new addition to the 'cactus penis planter"!
A mix-tape of "Woman's Screams."
Do I alert the police?
The 70s,
Back when babies drinking liquor was hilarious!
Kid's say the darndest things!
From a series of 2' tall greeting cards.

Sometimes you're just amazed that things was sitting untouched for 60+ years,
and now they're yours for $3
Kids art stuck between the pages!
A wig on a vacuum cleaner.
The eyelashes are what makes it!

As fun as a basketful of Jesus's!
More men being exploited!
What is wrong with our society?!
I had to get rid of it after the marriage,
Elvis, are you feeling alright?
Why happens when you don't pay the extra fee for Peter Falk's likeness.
You hardly notice it!

The art of shell and google eye figurines is alive and well at the flea market!

We'll let you go with a warning.
Judging by their expressions, I think they've read 'Oral Sex and the Law'!

A modest young lady.
I swear this is just how I found it.

Truth in advertising.

Seems like Trump tweeted the description of this one.
From David Lynch's children's room.

The most interesting guy in the Yearbook.
On the 7th day, God created clowns!

Everyone's a winner!
Before photoshop they just left the poop in the photo.

From the North Pole version of "Sister Wives"!
The 'flicker lips' is what makes it!

Now I'll never have to go to the dentist again!
What happens when you stick your nose where you shouldn't oughta!
I now will be focusing all my energy at craft fairs and church bazaars.

Everything AND the kitchen sink!
Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Kids today!
Get a job!

Just because you're up early, doesn't me you can't look your best!
Add caption

Excuse me, I'm looking for any paintings of nude men hand gliding.
You do?!

"All Wow!" wins as best advertising slogan of the day!

"Head caved in, otherwise mint condition!"
Thanks to the flea market, now I'm always fashionable!
If I'm at the supermarket or the opera, I'll be the best dressed!

For the ladies!

Finally I can relate to Jesus!
The brief 'Get Rich Quick' as a Mime craze!

I got this one!

Even if you have no possible use for them,
how could you leave 1000s of stickers for 'adult only' 70s cassettes behind at the flea market?
I couldn't!
So now I include them with every order at-
He just couldn't take it anymore.
If no one is going to buy me then life just isn't worth living!
If I had any empty 8' section of wall space, I'd be tempted to nail up this light-up piece of wonderful badness.
No body shaming allowed at the flea market!
From the amazing 'Pink Lady and Jeff' 70s tv show.
One of the most amazing hours of television ever produced.

I'm pretty sure it's a rat.
The flea market is a Good Taste Free zone!

You can even get the 'fell off the truck' merchandise at the market.
This was next to the white doctor baby and indian 7-11 owner baby diaper packs.

Kids, NEVER talk to the giant bear clown!
Helpful advice from Uncle Mitch!

I had a dog that used to scoot across the carpet.
I had to throw out the carpet.
"A Touch of Class" is the only phrase I can think of to describe these.

Jimmy was last seen with an orange haired man wearing a red striped puffy outfit!

One word, 'Supercuts"!
I used to bring this on first dates.
Just passing the time!

Not for 'lil Jimmy!

I don't want to know what this trophy is for!
The girls always go for a Zither Man!

Ye olden advertising, when you sold your products any which way you damn well pleased!


  1. How did you decide what to bring home, Mitch? So much incredible merchandise to choose from!

  2. If you went home without the "Mark of Evil" vomit bag and the collection of stag records you are a better man than I.