Monday, August 6, 2018

'The Thing with Two Heads' is ALIVE!

Had a super fun time with Aiden at Flashback Weekend, the highlight being debuting his costume for the Svengoolie hosted contest on Saturday night. He’s an old hand at this having entered the year before as Rowdy Roddy Piper. We had been working on our version of “The Thing With Two Heads”, the classic 1972 horror film starring Ray Milland and Rosey Grier, for months (not continuously) and were all ready for his walk on stage. Since it’s not the most comfortable thing to have a second head strapped onto your shoulder, the youngster occasionally was given to venting his displeasure. My negotiating skills came into play as I promised the two treasures he holds closest to heart, Happy Meals and Hot Wheels, if he behaved.
And promising to take them away if he didn't (my kids know I'm not that good with following through on threats though).
Oddly, the most cheerful little squirt around decided to kick in with an strained ‘smile’ that looked like wires had been attached to the sides of his mouth and pulled, while his eyes pleaded ‘help me”!
He did great as he walked up to chat with Svengoolie exclaiming “We watch you on tv every week!”
That’s how you get the host on your side right off the bat!
It turns out the audience liked his performance, because when the rubber chicken was held over his head for applause, it was thunderous.
He was thrilled with his 1st prize goodie bag, and announced “I won” to whoever got within hearing.
And, as the phrase goes, ‘Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!” he got his McNugget Happy Meal (which at least is called chicken), and Sunday morning he got a dozen 50 cent Hot Wheels at the flea market.
Also, last night I had an epiphany for next years costume. I’ll be clearing a space on the mantlepiece for that trophy too!

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