Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Chicago Sculpture Garden Stroll!

Looking forward to the warmer weather and back to long adventure walks with the peewee. On of his favorite places is the sculpture garden which runs for a couple miles along McCormick Blvd starting a little north of Devon.
My rules for public sculptures (even though no one has asked me before there were installed)? Kids should be able to climb on them, through them or somehow be able to treat 'em like a playground. They also should do something beyond just stand there, maybe move, spin, light up, cast a cool shadow or ?.
One of the more mesmerizing to Aiden was the doll head tree piece full of hundreds of, well, doll heads. Every time we went there over the summer, more doll heads appeared.
Then one day in the Fall they were all gone.
Maybe they’ll bloom again in Spring? We’ll keep our eyes out!

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  1. This park contains several sculptures in different styles. The neighborhood is safe and clean. This is a nice place for families to walk.