Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Every Home Needs a Scary Clown Room!

Home Improvement continues!
Today, the Clown Room!
At the back of our Chicago bungalow, is the enclosed porch, right off my studio (aka the 2nd bedroom space). Here's where I spend the day productively posting on Facebook while my small companion attacks paper with colored pencils. Over the years one found clown knick-knack became 3 that grew into 30 and bloomed into 100s. The good news is that anything with a red nose is restricted to this one room. Selections are based on how odd, weird and strange our circus friend is, and only if it occurred by accident. Clowns that are scary on purpose must go live in someone else’s clown room.
And the real reason for the colorful collection?
Chicks dig clowns!

And if you love clowns too-

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