Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Bigfoot and Son Father's Day Beer Stein!

Just click on the Kickstarter link above
for all the details on getting your very own Munktiki Bigfoot Stein,
plus MANY other collectible rewards!

To quote the official Munktiki press release:
"With much success on our first stein, the Krampus Stein,
we bring you our second endeavor. Number One Bigfoot Stein!
This stein has an extremely detailed relief rendition of
Mitch O'Connell's Awesome Father and Child Bigfoot print.
Like our Krampus stein the Bigfoot stein comes in 2 Styles,
Painted Style and Raw Style.
Bigfoot's Fathers Day Stein is 10 1/2 inches tall
and holds 1 liter of your favorite brew.
The fitted lid helps keep out unwanted squirrels and falling acorns,
a must have for any wilderness treking beer lover."

When Munktiki asked me to come up with a Bigfoot design,
I drew up Father and son walking in the woods,
but I didn't think it was enough.
So I called in a member of my staff, son Leo, to get his opinion.
He scratched his chin and told me,
"You need more father/son mythical creatures in the background."
"You're a genius!" I proclaimed.
So I added aliens, Jackalopes, Loch Ness,
Slender Man and Unicorns to liven it up.

I whipped out my Windsor Newton Series 7 #4 brush
and started inking away thinking how pleased Munktiki would be,
until they told me to stop with all the extras,
and just stick with the main characters.
My first inclination when told to do things over is to pout,
but I always do my best to resist that urge because I'm come to learn
that even when I think I'm right, chances are
I'll figure out later that the client is correct.
And once again, that theory proved right!

PS- I usually ink with rapidographs,
so using a brush made me feel like a '70s Marvel artist!
The new improved version!
The biggest difficultity was the boy.
He was just looking stiff,
so I did what I often do when searching for a solution,
look at other artists work.
And for  figure movement, what could be better than vintage Disney studio art?
So if you break open one of your Disney books,
search for a picture of a skipping Pinocchio.
It might look oddly familiar!

The Bigfoot bottle opener design!
The Bigfoot topper design!

Don't miss out on getting your Bigfoot stein!
If you didn't order the (now unavailable) Krampus stein,,
you won't want the same mistake to happen twice!

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