Saturday, November 2, 2013


Yesterday at the Rotofugi Opening Night (we were there to see pal CHema Skandal's exhibit) pal (and curator) David van Alphen told me he had something special to give me, but I had to wait 'till the store closed to get it. I had a few beverages across the street,
then returned promptly at 10pm.
He hooked his bony finger at me as I followed him outside through the rainy darkness.
We came to his secluded car and he creaked open the steel trunk.
"Look inside Mitch" he cackled.
I couldn't see anything!
"Why don't you lean way in and see if you find it?" David helpfully suggested.
I pretty much had my whole body in the trunk when I looked over my shoulder and noticed that he had both hands tensed on top of the trunk hood. As passing headlights illuminated us and he quickly jumped back. Just then I touched upon a jar and pulled it out. "Is this it?" I exclaimed. "Uh, ...yes." he dejectedly stammered.
So, thanks Dave for his delicious Suckerpunch Pickles,
the tastiest in the tri-state area (and available all over Chicago)!

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